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Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #41: Things I Can Now Do After My Hip Replacement Surgery – 40+ Funny Animated Walking Gifs

After Hip Replacement Surgery I Can Now Do All This

There was a time, before my hip replacement surgery, that I was just a regular kinda’ guy.could do any kind of walking, running, moving, etc.

But, since my hip replacement surgery, I can now do all kinds of things that I couldn’t do before, like: dunking in an NBA game, scoring a soccer goal, dancing to Saturday Night Fever, do the Muhammed Ali shuffle, performing the Michael Jackson moonwalk, doing the Rockette’s leg kicks, completing 30 pirouettes (while in the air), juking NFL defensive players, exhibiting my Motown moves, catching a five minute nose ride on my favorite longboard… I could go on, but you get the idea – life is better after hip replacement surgery.


As proof, I had many of my ‘best moves’ filmed. Here are just a few of them.


stingray-quickfeet-seagulls   stingray-moonwalkstingray-ali    stingray-dog

My wife asked if I could add this John Travolta gif – Now I find her watching it 4+ hours a day…


stingray-cat stingray-soultrain stingray-noserider stingray-quickfeet-addams  stingray-rockettesstingray-quickfeet stingray-walk-on-water stingray-horse stingray-drunken  stingray-basketball-drj stingray-wiley  stingray-dancers2 stingray-ickey stingray-penquin  stingray-tapdancing stingray-basketballstingray-ballet  stingray-LaDainianTomlinsonstingray-dancersstingray-leggrab stingray-skippingrope stingray-frankenstein stingray-godzilla  stingray-frozen-thriller stingray-thriller  stingray-astaire stingray-zombies  stingray-lionel stingray-haka  stingray-walkthisway stingray-beatles  stingray-temps stingray-soultrain2 stingray-jillian

stingray-basketball-jordan stingray-backstreet stingray-NSYNC

“Bye, Bye, Bye…”

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