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About My Cat – ‘The Goo’

My cat, “The Goo” died yesterday. Just as she was helping me complete the finishing touches on book. Here is what The Goo had to say about this sad day. My name wasn’t a perfect name, but I was a perfect cat. My name wasn’t just Goo, it was ‘The Goo.’I wasn’t born ‘The Goo.’ Kenzie named […]


Download Free Kindle Reading Software For Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

You can download free Kindle for any computer, tablet or smartphone. Kindle Cloud Reader Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser Smartphones iPhone & iPod touch Android Windows Phone 7 BlackBerry Computers Mac Windows 8 Windows 7, XP & Vista PC Tablets iPad Android Tablet Windows 8 Buy Once, Read Everywhere: You don’t need to […]


About The Author – Rod Aries

I grew up near Olympia, Washington then attended the University of Washington as an undergraduate and received a Master of Health Administration degree from The Ohio State University. Early in my career I managed primary medical care facilities. Later I raised venture capital to develop a network of urgent care centers around the nation. I […]


Dedications – I Couldn’t Of Accomplished This All By Myself

I Couldn’t Of Accomplished This All By Myself – (But.. I did supply the hip) Hip Replacement Book I am deeply appreciative of many people who helped me with my hip replacement surgery, my recovery and in writing this book – undoubtedly a cast of thousands… First Things First – I would first like to thank […]


About My Wife

15, 20, 25, Umm, a whole lotta’ things I love about my wife that you may not know… Linda never really complains that I don’t buy her cards, but she buys them for me anyways. In a feeble attempt to negate this habit of her profiting Hallmark anymore, I always first look at the back […]