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Archive for August, 2016

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #26: The Prehab I Exercise I Should Have Done

I did quite a few prehab exercises before my hip replacement surgery. But, in retrospect, there is one more set of muscles I should have work upon – my lateral groin muscles. The red arrows show where I was exceptionally weak after surgery. So… When Did I Find Out That My Groin Was Really, Really Weak […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #139: Rehab Pain Is Good (Except For The ‘Abba Syndrome’)

Two (Well, One) Scientific Studies About Swimming I will share information about a scientific study that demonstrates multiple benefits derived from swimming. As a bonus, just for you… I will also share, a not yet published scientific study that demonstrates the lack of benefits derived from swimming while Abba* music is playing, aka the ‘Abba Syndrome’. […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #152: The Stupidest Thing I Did On My First Day Of Post Surgery Swim Rehab

First, A Couple Of Smart Things I Did I was focused and prepared for my hip replacement surgery. I started with prehab exercises about two months before my surgery. I was doing leg exercises in front of the TV and swimming three to four times a week. Then, as soon as I received medical clearance after […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #77: I Haven’t Dropped A Brick In Two Years… (Things I Shouldn’t Have Said)

Treading Water My prehab and post hip replacement surgery rehab exercises started with me treading water. Next, I added workout swim fins to work my hips (both my repaired hip – rehab, and my remaining good hip – prehab). I kept getting stronger and stronger, so I decided I wanted to be… The Next Jerry Rice […]