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Archive for June, 2016

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #159: A Fearful Post Hip Replacement Surgery Complication

The National Center for Health Statistics Total estimates there are 332,000 hip replacements per year.   For 99%+ of all people have a highly successful outcome. For me, this was my worst ‘complication.’ There are a few rules to follow during rehab in order to avoid the risk of dislocating your new hip, you should not: […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #188: Do Your Walking Rehab Close To Home

Rehab Walking Tips Stick Close To Home – When you begin your post hip replacement surgery rehab you will want to set a goal to do as much as you can. You might say something like, “I will walk to the post office and back.” That walk might be a quarter mile there and then a […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #167: Controlling Surgery Anxiety

Why Surgery Anxiety Occurs – How To Decrease Surgical Anxiety No Control – The main reason for fearing surgery is that people feel out of control. Your fear is compounded when you are ‘going under’ (anesthesia). Will Surgery Be Successful? – Some fear surgery because they are too afraid it won’t work. Facing Mortality – For […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #158: Just Like Sausage Making, You Don’t Want To Know How A Hip Replacement Is ‘Made’

Sausage. Good but how is it really made? The Short (Sausage) Version Of How A Hip Is Replaced – Next time a friend casually asks you, “Hey, what have you been up to?” You are thankful for their specific request. You (gleefully) respond by saying, “Oh, I had my hip replaced.” They will often look […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #114: Post Surgery’s Secret Gift – Constipation

What Is The Most Common Post Surgery Symptom? (Wait for it… wait for it…) Yes, you will be waiting for some time after surgery. The nurse tried to convince to have a bowel movement while I was in the hospital for two days. Now call me old-fashioned, but I just don’t like to poop where I […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #86: Swimming Rehab – Don’t Swim After Kid’s Class -‘Urine Borealis’

A Lesson Mostly Occurs After The Event As with most life lessons, you have to experience a mistake, a screw-up or something going wrong in order to gain the full impact of the experience. Let me try and save you that step. Swimming Rehab After hip replacement surgery you have to wait until your incision […]