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Archive for April, 2015

Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #79: Applying The Laffer Curve To Hip Replacement Pain

Just how does the Laffer Curve relate to my hip replacement surgery? The Laffer Curve In 1974, two of President Gerald Ford’s top White House advisers, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, had dinner with Wall Street Journal editorial writer Jude Wanniski and Arthur Laffer, former chief economist at the Office of Management and Budget. The […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #47: Recognizing Pre-Hip Replacement Surgery Pain In 100 Words (Or Less)

Social Degradation Part 1 Pain In 100 Words (Or Less): There are a lot of symptoms indicating that you need a hip replacement. My most dramatic factor was my ‘100 words/month limit.’ In short, this tip can be alternatively titled, ‘Diagnosing hip replacement pain – what to listen for…’ Here is what happened, my business […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #39: Explaining How Your Hip Feels To Those Without Hip Pain

Well, you can spend a lot of time, talking, typing and complaining about how badly your hip hurts with every step. Or, you can simply share this picture on how it feels before you have hip replacement surgery. I apologize for looking so angry in my photo, below. If the ‘picture is worth a 1,000 […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #34: Top Musical Hits About Hip Replacement Surgery

Unlike what my daughter told me after she had her first boyfriend break-up (“Dad, how come EVERY song is about love?”), some songs are about hip replacement surgery. Here is a playlist for you by artists who have experienced hip pain and then released an updated version of their previous hit: > How Do You Mend […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tips: 101+ Bonus Suggestions, Considerations, Ideas And What To Expect

Here is a list of hip replacement surgery tips. They are derived from personal experience that evolved from, “It must just be a ‘pulled groin’ muscle,” to, “Gosh, that kinda’ hurts,” to “I can adjust and live with the pain,” to the point it was easier to go see the doctor than try and live […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #44: Post Surgery Conjugal Visits (I Must Have Been Having Great Sex And I Didn’t Even Know It.)

Many patients wonder when they can resume sex (assuming they had any before their hip replacement operation). “Sex without pain is like food without taste.” Marquis de Sade After reading that quote to illustrate the pain I had with degenerative hip, I instantly realized that I had been having great sex – all this time, […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #77: Post Surgery Issues – Moron Or Hand Of God?

So… for the first few days after arriving home from hip replacement surgery, well, I was still a bit spacey (not unusual). I hobbled on crutches to the fridge and was looking for relish. Couldn’t see, couldn’t find it. It just wasn’t there. I closed the fridge door and then my wife told me to sit […]


Hip Replacement Surgery Tip #14: Revenge Of The Catheter

Nobody likes getting a catheter. I was assured that it wasn’t a big deal and this  ‘little’ procedure would be done as soon as I was ‘out.’ The last thing I remember after my spinal, is seeing a nurse taking a long tube of rubberish hosing and holding from her chest to her outstretched arm, […]